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Sensors and Probes


The progress in the development of power electronics applications, such as advanced drives and regenerative electrical conversion, needs new hardware components like the current measuring transducers with advanced features.


SAC provides appropriate solutions for current measurement in such applications. They feature small sizes (limited only by standrads requirement for isolation) and low output voltage drift for an outstanding accuracy across the working temperature range.


SAC supports a range of high performance sensors and technologies for electromagnetic measurement, such as:


Flux gate magnetometry (FGM) transducers, to respond to the technology advances in drives and inverters, which require better performance in areas such as common-mode influence (CMI), thermal drifts, offset and gain, response time, levels of insulation and size. To obtain this performance, SAC employs its closed loop FGM technology which enables the company to combine high accuracy and affordable price without compromising any of the advantages, such as size, dynamic performance and wide measuring range


High performance differential sensors and probes, to attain superb high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) measurement in noisy environments


Noncontact magnetostrictive (MsS) technology, for efficient and economic transmition and detection of elastic mechanical waves in nondestructive evaluation (NDE), monitoring and inspection of feromagnetic structures


Eddy current measurement technology, for sofisticated NDE. Image processing (IP), pattern recognition (PR) and signiture classification have been used to analyse inductive coil probe impedance in the domain of ELF and VLF electromagnetic waves.


Metal detecting technology and measuring instruments, for use in military and industrial tasks like security metal detectors, mine detectors, detection of tunnels and cavities, pipelines, metal targets and other anomalies deep in the ground. Several specialized metal detectors can discriminate between different kind of metals based on the electromagnetic characteristics of a target. IP and PR algorithms visualize the hidden objects deep under the ground surface in spatial frequency domain, where one can determine the position, size and depth of buried objects.


Vehicle detection and classification technology, for a process of road traffic measurement and access control, as one of the most critical components of the whole traffic control system. SAC uses realiable and robust digital signal processing (DSP) to analyse inductance signature of a inductive loop and magnetic profile of a FGM probe in time domain. These DSP-based inductive loop and FGM detectors benefit from a digital filtering for screening out unwanted inputs and in band signal signiture classification.


Infra red (IR) and ultrasonic (US) wave technologies, for precise 3D real time object tracking and
positioning applications