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Test and Calibration Equipment


SAC suplies power network simulators (PNS) for protective switch gear testing, including overcurrent, over- and under-voltage, impedance, distance and differential type relays. It simulates probable power system failure modes and analyses metods of detecting these postualted failures, and isolating abnormal conditions.


SAC's PNS series is a full featured source offering transient generation, arbitrary waveform generation, standard measurements, harmonic analysis, waveform acquisition and programmable impedance.


Our PNS series is an all-in-one relay test system with a direct front panel interface for all functions. It is the ideal integrated system for testing and calibration of protection and control relays, simulation of power system phenomena and verification of voltage, current, phase and power transducers. It is a complete powerful support for old electromechanical relays and modern microprocessor-based relaying, simplified by built-in intelligence capabilities. It increases your protection system reliability confidence with realistic transient waveform and time synchronized testing to mimic real-world conditions for the steady-state testing, dynamic testing - step/ramp/state sequence, transient waveform testing with realistic fault quantities and waveforms.


SAC PNS series is a programmable, high-current source that is designed specifically for utility-substation applications. This AC test device is used primarily for injection testing of protective relays. It can also be used for testing thermal, magnetic and solid-state motor-protection relays and molded-case circuit breakers.


SAC develops Auto Surface Insulation Resistance (AutoSIR) test systems. SIR testing is a methodology used to evaluate electronic assembly materials and processes as one measure of reliability. The goal of SIR testing is to evaluate electrochemical failure mechanisms, such as unacceptable electrical leakage under humid conditions and corrosion or metal migration before they can occur on produced assemblies. SIR test techniques are accurate and quantitative methods used to predict circuit reliability from an electro-chemical standpoint. It is now being used to characterise the electronics manufacturing and assembly process. Science research proved that lower voltage and narrower conductor spacing increased the susceptibility of electro-chemical failure. AutoSIR can measure all of these effects at levels down to 10^14 Ohms. As such, it is used to determine the manufactured quality and likely reliability of circuit boards. AutoSIR is able to measure these influences accurately and reliably.


SACequips MEGGER AC/DC Breakdown Leakage & Ionization Tester FT6/12 Mk 2 with Surge Generator Unit (SGU) to control, convert, shape and generate 6kV surge pulses superimposed on the AC mains supply source according to the UL746E specifications for the testing of conformal coatings.